Alongside leading data scientists and social impact entrepreneurs, Datalyst has designed a cutting edge 12 week bootcamp to train applicants in core data science principles and programming languages, including Python, R and Weka; and apply these skills to real-world datasets.

Our students leave with the skills to take junior data science roles in leading public and private sector organisations or start their own high impact startups. We even fund and support the best ones.

Five years ago, everyone wanted to become a developer - and now developers want to become data scientists. We know the UK is committed to becoming a world leader in AI, and equipping organisations and individuals is critical for achieving this, particularly in the urban innovation space.


NEXT COURSE: 5 NoVEMBER 2018 in shoreditch, london

Applications are now open and will close on 19 October 2018.



our mission

We're passionate about education and data science.

Our curriculum has been produced by industry experts and will enable you to learn in demand technologies, equipping you with the skills you need to successfully find a job as a data scientist.

create impact

Our team understands the role artificial intelligence will play in the next generation of impact. The world will need the best data scientists to realise this potential and protect us from the risks. We will support our graduates in finding high impact job roles and may even fund those with great ideas.


Module 1: Fundamentals of data science

The first module introduces you to the world of data science through both theory and labs.

- Intro to data science: Learn about the theory of data science, and the most successful algorithms.

- Intro to Weka: An easy introduction to the world of machine learning, through the use of the Weka software. You will learn how to create and validate pipelines without the use of code.

- Intro to Python for machine learning: Introduction to the most popular language for machine learning.

- Intro to the R programming language: Learn how to use statistical analyses through the de facto standard programming language for statistics.


Module 2: real-world DATASETS experience

In this module you'll get some experience working with real-world datasets. Here you'll apply everything you learnt in the first module and acquire skills in data interpretation and presentation. Example projects include the guided participation in Kaggle competitions, or open data from the government.


MOdule 3: CAPSTONE PROJECT; Becoming a data scientist

In the final module you will work on an actual problem, chosen from a set of urban challenges derived from our local government network and supported alongside the mentoring of our experienced instructors.



Datalyst provides support all students a job opportunity in data science after the program finishes. You will get to practice your interview skills before the Datalyst job fair, where we'll help match you with companies and public sector departments, interested in hiring new data science talent.


part-time & flexible

Our curriculum is designed part time to make room for busy schedules. Our students have the opportunity to work whilst they learn, mitigating financial risk.



Many great startups and public sector organisations are hiring for data scientists, starting at £65k, with some roles earning up to £70k with just a few years of experience.


Start an ai business

Through our sister company Nitrous, we are looking to grow and support the next  generation of high impact businesses and will be directly recruiting and funding Datalyst graduates.



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Dr Stylianos Kampakis, Course Lead

Dr Kampakis is a data scientist and data science educator.

Having been involved in the area of data science and artificial intelligence for nearly a decade, his multi-disciplinary background includes psychology and music studies, to holding a PhD in Computer Science and a BSc in Mathematics and Statistics.  

He is also a member of the Royal Statistical Society and the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies.


George Johnston, Industry Lead

George is the founder and CEO of Tech City Ventures, a network of companies focused on sustainable innovation, operating across the whole startup lifecycle. 

He created Datalyst, as part of Nitrous (a Tech City Ventures company) in response to a need from startups and bigger organisations to create machine learning capabilities to shape cities and the way people interact with them.

All Included


Learn the fundamentals of machine learning and statistics

Learn how to design and validate machine learning pipelines

Learn how to use the most popular languages for data science: Python and R

Get experience working in real data sets

Learn how to communicate and interpret findings from data

Guaranteed job offer



Module 1: £1,500

Module 2: £1,000

Module 3: £750

Full module courses (all 3 above): £2,500

All costs include VAT.


Complimentary places available for employees of local government (terms and Conditions apply).